Flex/Flash Test Automation Tools

For a while now, I’ve been involved in testing a complex media web application developed in Flex, and I got to the point where some help from a tool would have been much appreciated :). I have to admit that this was my first RIA project, so I decided to dig a little bit into it, especially regarding the options one would have in automating some of the functional tests.

I don’t want to argue about the ROI of an automated GUI test suite, or about the fact that maybe it would be much more useful to automate some other types of testing like unit and performance (there are specific tools for each of these).

All the info from this post can be found on the internet, but it takes a lot of time and trouble to gather and analyze it. This post will provide a list of tools I found that support Flex Automation, hoping it will help you if you’re thinking about functional testing automation for Flex based applications.

The Flash in the blackbox
The main issue with RIA Flex applications is that the Flash player is basically a runtime, which makes its objects invisible to its container (e.g. browser’s html or javascript code), unless explicitly exposed from within.
I was able to identify three ways to add automation support for Flex applications:

  1. using the Flex Automation Framework (+ExternalInterface). Adobe has developed this framework to provide a way for developing ActionScript automation-agents that facilitate the communication between the automation tools and the Flex objects. This is possible using the ExternalInterface API. I couldn’t find a way of using the Automation Framework without the ExternalInterface, although it is not specified as the only option for establishing the communication. Even though the Flex SDK is open-source, the Automation Framework is not: the trial version can be used for scripts with up to 30 actions. One would have to pay 499€ (VAT not included) for the FlexBuilder Pro license in order to create larger scripts.
  2. by developing your own framework in ActionScript and make it visible through the ExternalInterface – more info about the API can be found here.
  3. IAccessible interface and MSAA. Not all the objects support the IAccessible interface by default; here you can find more info on how it can be added.

The Tools
Below you can find a table with the tools that could be useful. I say this because I found some tools that claim to support Flex Automation, but they are just basic macros (mouse click at a certain coordinates on the screen), i.e. iMacros from iOpus.

We plan to take a closer look at some of these tools, especially at the open-source ones but also at the ones that have a decent price. I am pretty sure that companies like IBM, Borland or HP have their own research and analysis on flex automation already available. Plus, we are not a big corporation, so we don’t plan to acquire any of them in the near future :).

Here you can find some useful info on how to setup your environment and get started with automating your applications.

Stay tuned, we’ll post some new info soon.

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